Five Tips to Boost Battery Life of Your Android Smartphone

December 16, 2017


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High-end smartphones offer a huge number of features, but unfortunately, they don’t have a reliable battery life.

Over the last few years, the endurance of Android handsets has reduced due to a number of factors such as sleek designs with less space for batteries, larger and brighter screens, faster quad-core processors, multitasking functionality and shift to 4G from 3G networks.

In this situation, it is hard for most of the people to go longer than a day without recharging their phone.

Here are some tips you should try extend the battery life of your device.

(1) Dim Screen Brightness:

Large and colorful display of the smartphone looks pleasant, but it consumes a large amount of battery. Turn your screen’s brightness down to the lowest tolerable point to minimize the power consumption and increase the endurance of your device.

You can also enable your device’s auto-brightness feature that uses an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness of screen.

(2) Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi:

Bluetooth and WiFi radios are both serious battery drainers. Turn them off while they are not in use to make your device last longer.

(3) Kill Apps Running in Background:

Multitasking is a great Android feature which allow the users to run more than one app at a time. But it also a battery drain as every you run consumes power.

So always kill the app you are not actually using to reduce the energy consumption and extend the battery life of your phone.

To close the apps running in the background, tap the multi-tasking button and swipe them away.

Most Android smartphones also have battery monitors, which enable you see that which app is using how much power.

(4) Turn off Unnecessary Notifications

Now-a-days, the apps frequently send messages, updates, news and other information to the users. Every time, your device receives a notification, the screen lights up, and show a message which consumes power.

So turn-off the unnecessary notifications to extend the battery life of your device.

(5) Turn off Vibration

Many people put their phone on vibration to avoid audible disturbance when it plays a ringtone to alert you on an incoming call. But vibrating burns a lot more energy than ringtone to make your phone shake.

So turn off vibration and enjoy a longer battery life.

If you are disturbed by ringtone, it is better to put your phone on silent mode and keep it in view so you could see when a call is coming.